BBC2 Top Of Shop with Tom Kerridge / BBCの新番組出演

Updated: May 7, 2018


私が出演したのはBaking。出店したのは日本のパンですが、他の人たちは、トマト味のサワードウ、グルテンフリーのビーガンフレンドリーブラウニーとドイツの プレッツェル。


Finally, a long wait is over!

A new food programme on BBC2 will be broadcasted in May.

My categoly is Baking. I sold Japanese bread, but other sellers were tomato flavoured sourdough bread, gruten free/vegan friendly brownies, and German Pretzel.

Please check out at 8pm on Tue 8th May on BBC2.

 Petit Bonheurs / Pimlico, London