Shiki-An/Japanese Cookery

Besides teaching/selling bread, I am teaching Traditional Japanese cooking as well.

Menu changes every month, and we cook 5-6 seaonal dishes in a lesson.  Typical Japanese cookery is related with four seasons and the seasonal ingredients taste best in their season.

"Where can I buy all ingredients?"  This is the most common questions, but recently you can find lots of Japanese ingredients in local supermarkets, such as soy sauce, miso paste, instant noodles, or even panko crums.  Of course it is impossible to create exact the same food here in the UK, but I spend long enough to re-create closest and tastest Japanese food for classes.  There are so many ingredients we can't buy, but it is possible to adopt the UK ingredients into Japanese cookery.

You can learn simple and easy dishes during classes, and you can cook the same thing at home!   It doen't matter if you can cook - cooking is not difficult.  It is easy and enjoyable.  If you want to learn how to make Sushi, sure, I can teach you how, however, why not come and discover more Japanese food?  


Looking forward to meeting you soon!