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My Story

Petit Bonheurs - sounds very French and it is actually French, which means "Small Happiness" in English.

Petit Bonheurs is run by me, Utako Tanner, living in central London, and previously worked in the Financial Sector for almost 30 years and have been wishing my dreams will come true.


In 2006, I started to teach how to cook Japanese food and how to bake bread/sweets to my friends and their friends in my spare time and weekends even I was working in the office on weekdays, and finally decided to start this as my main business in 2018.  I opened my own bakery business and sold my bread/sweets to my customers, mainly in the City of London where used to be my work area, and went very well.  I was so happy to see my customers enjoying my products.

In April 2019, I have joined a team of Bakery School, Bread Ahead at Borough Markets where is the oldest/most famous London's food market as a Bakery School Teacher, and left in September 2020.

My specialty is Japanese bread but I can bake any sorts of bread including Italian, French and Eastern European or Scandinavian.

Every time I teach baking, I always feel joy & happiness and would love to share this feeling with you.
I think this is my responsibility to give some "small happiness" to you through my products, and through teaching workshops.

​Now I opened my new chapter - teaching Traditional Afternoon Tea online.  You can learn how to bake bread for sandwich, learn traditional British bakes, as well as everyone's favourite British cookery.  You also learn how to brew nice tea, and most recent Royals stories, including the Queen. 

Petit Bonheurs(プチ・ボヌール)ってフランス語?




その後ロンドン最古の食マーケット内に位置するBread Ahead Bakery & School に隣接するベーカリースクールの先生としてお客様(生徒さん)に2年弱、マスターベーカーの一人としてパン作りのスキルを教えてきました。そして今、レベルアップしたスキルを使って自分の夢をかなえていくために、自宅にてパンの製造販売を行っています。日本のパンが専門ですが、それ以外の国のパンやお菓子も作っています。またいろいろなワークショップも開催いたします。




1980s   Learnt Japanese Cookery for 18 years in Japan / 日本で18年間懐石料理をベースにした日本料理を習う

1999    Passed exams for 3 qualifications of wine / ワインの資格3種合格

      - Wine expert (Japan Sommelier Association) / ワインエクスパート(日本ソムリエ協会
            - Wine Coordinator (All Nippon Sommelier Association) / インコーディネーター(全日本ソムリエ連盟
            - WSET Level 2 (Wine & Spirit Education Trust )
2008   Shiki-An article was issued on Bay Spo, Japanese newspaper /
懐石料理「詩季庵」の記事が在英日本人向け新聞 ベイスポ に掲載される
      Assisted Sushi chef at BBC Goodfood Show in November /

           BBC Goodfood Show にて寿司職人のアシスタントを務める

2019     Demonstrated how to plate Japanese dishes at Japanese Shcool in London /


2010    Demonstrated as a chef at event called "Taste The East" in June /
東ロンドンにて 食のイベント ”Taste The East” のデモンストレーションシェフを務める

2012     Catering for 100 people at "Kabuki”, charity event for the "2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami” /

            東日本大震災 の チャリティイベント “Kabuki”にて、100名分の寿司など和食のケータリングを担当

2016     Became one of  "Bread Angels" / レッドエンジェルズの一員として登録

2018     Appered as one of contestant on BBC2 Top of Shops with Tom Kerridge, top seller in the categoly /

           BBC2 トップ・オブ・ザ・ショップス 出演、ベイキングカテゴリー内で売り上げトップに

           Started Bakery Petit Bonheurs at home / 自宅にて店舗を持たないベーカリー プチ・ボヌール をスタート

      Demonstrated Japanese bread at Hyper Japan / ハイパージャパンにて日本のパンのデモを行う

2019    Started new carrier as a Bakery School Teacher at Bread Ahead /
Bread Ahead

2020   Re-open Bakery Petit Bonheurs at home / ベーカリー プチ・ボヌール を再スタート

         Qualified as Home Made Bread Master by Cotta / Cotta(コッタ)のおうちパンマスターに認定

2022   Started to teach online course lessons - Madam Utako's Luxury Afternoon Tea / 

           オンラインコースレッスン、マダム詩子のラグジュアリーアフタヌーンティ主宰。本場英国からたくさんの 伝統的英国料理をはじめ、

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